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 تکنولوژی سینمای چند بعدی(تعمیر-تبدیل-طراحی-ساخت)- Cinema X Dimension

تاریخ: پنجشنبه 18 اسفند 1390 ساعت: 00:37 بازدید: 791 نویسنده: مهندس علی محرابی
Multi-media Theater & Cinema XDTrailer moving cinemas - fixed cinemas or perfect cinemas (Construction in place or prefabricated)Using techniques and Business Location High quality beyond imaginationRepair and conversion of multi-dimensional cinemas (the cinemas above its normal two-dimensional and ten dimensional)Multimedia sales and set up your movies on the cinema screenConvert video - censorship of the film - film dubbing - placing ads in the videos and whatever you need it to get a permitQuality beyond the size of the original film (Frame width: 1920  Frame height: 1080)Change the resolution without changing the quality of filmShowing changes in film speed with no loss of playback time if you wishCinema on operator training for working with:Computer technology and civil and mechanical power ...Wind and water designed to create a hidden volcanoDesign of artificial thunder normalSmoke designSeat multi-dimensional designHurricane and tornado design of realVibration with real seismic designDolby sound systems and audio editing video editing steroidsStandardization of your cinemaConvert from automatic to manual and vice versa cinema worksSet the projector Cleaning the projector lamp every 4 months to 6 months ofStable and resistant to the cinema and out of the cinemaSystem optimization and support through the InternetFor updates and Internet ConsultingTwo-dimensional to three-dimensional filmsAnother service that for the first time inIslamic Republic of Iran, our countryIs marked by ourConsultation and planning meetingsPurpose Submit your workEvery business has its own difficultiesIt is our vision of how that works hard and makes it easy for usAccording to a false market in which brokers launchedClarify the facts, it becameThree Dimensions films in many cinemasKate must write a program to a multi-layeredCase is designed to be installed in hardwareThis has led to the price of filmsMulti-dimensional theater to rise to unreasonableMeanwhile, investors expect to profit of this systemOccur soonerIn addition, any suggestions and criticism ... Makes up more carefully before we take toward successNext five Dimension Cinema Management of Safahan`s Trailer: Morteza Mehrabi: (0098)-913-110-2866Please refer to the following website:www.3dtv.atI`m Ali Mehrabi: (0098)-913-918-5693Technical expert in computer systemsDue to technical staff with experience in the fields of Computer - Electrical - Mechanical and the CivilAll research projects concerning the above subject the opportunity to practiceAnd ready to do business with the company's research in this areaThe price of the cinema: the variableNote: Due to the number of requested features to customize it hereRows chairs and motion with three directions and the torque applied in three directions, hiding the pipes & all of external inventories of effects of cinema - change the all of cinema theaters to the pools cinema of water or just a necessary part of thatAnd ... Will vary.

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